An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Arithmetic                              303
Extraction of the Biquadrate Root Penfions in Arrears at Simple Intereft Barter
Alligation Medial Of Pendulums A Perpetual Almanac
To find the Time of the Moon's Southing Table of the Dominical Letters according to the Cycle of the Sun
To find the Year of Indiction                             
Table to find Eafter from the year 1753 to 4199
Plain Oblique Angular Trigonometry
To meafure a Rhombus
To gauge a mafh Tub
The Proportions and Tonnage of Noah's Ark.
Congress established " Federal money' on the decimal plan in 1786; but twenty years elapsed be­fore its use became at all general, and Pike treats it as something of a curiosity. English money was our standard. In that denomination accounts were kept, and until after the first decade of the nineteenth century, it continued to have prominent place in our arithmetics. Coins of many kinds were current dur­ing the early years of the republic, and the school children had to learn the comparative value of these moneys. Besides Federal money, there were four varying currencies issued by the individual states. Then there were English and Irish coins, and the Continental Johannes, Pistoles, Moidores, Doub­loons, etc. The labor involved in the computation of ordinary business transactions at this period was appalling.
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