An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Old-time Schools and School-books
as compared with other arithmetics of the time to the recently adopted decimal " Federal Money," of which he says : —
It is expected that before many years f hall elapfe, this method of reckoning will become general throughout the United States. Let us, I beg of you, Fellow-Citizens, no longer meanly follow the Britifh intricate mode of reck­oning. — Let them have their own way — and us, ours. — Their mode is fuited to the genius of the government — for it feems to be the policy of tyrants, to keep their accounts in as intricate, and perplexing a method as poffible ; that the fmaller number of their fubjects may be able to eftimate their enormous impofitions and exactions. But Republi­can money ought to be fimple and adapted to the meaneft capacity. This mode of reckoning may feem a little odd at firft, but when the coins of the United States come into circulation, it will foon become familiar.
Copperplate Engraving on the Title-page of Sarjeant's Arithmetic, 1788.
Below are two of the shorter problems in the book: —
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