An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Arithmetic                              307
What is the difference between fix dozen dozen and half a dozen dozen ?                                             Anf. 792.
What is the difference between twice twenty-five and i twice five, and twenty ?                                           Anf. 20.
From a similar book, The Youth's Assistant: " Being a plain, Eafy, and Comprehenfive Guide to Practical Arithmetic," published in the same town as Root's and at about the same time, I quote this problem illustrative of old-time travel from tavern to tavern :
I demand the diftance from the Town-houfe in Norwich, to Bull's in Hartford; fuppofing it to be nine miles from faid Town-houfe to Aldin's in Lebanon, from Aldin's to White's Andover fourteen, from White's to Marfh's Eaft Hartford twelve, from Marfh's Eaft Hartford to Benjamin's ditto three, from Benjamin's to Bull's two ?
Anfwer, 40 miles.
A book that rivalled "Old Pike" in popularity was the Arithmetic by Daniel Adams published in 1801. It had large pages, and on these was blank space after each problem for the student to record the process of solution. The preface advises that the operation should be " first wrought upon a slate or waste paper," and afterward transcribed.
Another popular early arithmetic was Nathan Daboll's Schoolmaster s Assistant, and I quote from it the several problems which follow:
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