An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Arithmetic                                 309
What length of cord will fit to tie to a cow's tail, the other end fixed in the ground, to let her have liberty of eat­ing an acre of grafs, and no more, fuppofing the cow and tail to be five yards and a half?              Anf. 6,136 perches.
The last two examples deal with foreign weights, measures, and money terms under the head of Exchange. The several selections below are from Thompson's The American Tutor s Guide, Albany, 1808 : —
A man overtaking a maid driving a flock of geese, said to her, how do you do, sweetheart ? Where are you going with these 100 geese? No Sir, said she, 1 have not 100; but if I had as many, half as many, and seven geese and a half, I should have 100 : How many had she? Ans. 37.
A person was 17 years of age 29 years since, and sup- J pose he will be drowned 23 years hence : Pray in what year of his age will this happen ? Ans. In his 69th year.
The illustration on the next page is one of eight little cuts that helped to elucidate problems in square root. No other arithmetic up to this time had em­ployed any cuts save very formal diagrams.
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