An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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322 Old-time Schools and School-books
The quadrupeds and reptiles of the new world paffed there by land. This fact is manifeft from the improba­bility and inconfiftency of all other opinions.
This neceffarily fuppofes an ancient union between the equinoxial countries of America and thofe of Africa, and a connexion of the northern countries of America with Europe on the E. and Afia on the W. The beafts of cold climes paffed over the northern ifthmufes, which probably connected Europe, America, and Afia; and the animals and reptiles peculiar to hot countries paffed over the ifthmus that probably connected S. America with Africa. Various reafons induce us to believe that there was formerly a tract of land which united the moft eaftern part of Brazil to the moft weftern part of Africa; and that all the fpace of land may have been funk by violent earthquakes, leaving only fome traces of it in that chain of iflands of which Cape de Verd, Afcenfion, and St. Matthew's Ifland make a part. In like manner, it is probable, the northweftern part of America was united to the northeaftern part of Afia, and the northeaftern parts of America to the northweftern parts of Europe, by Greenland, Iceland, etc.
QUADRUPEDE ANIMALS within the United States:
Mammoth. This name has been given to an unknown animal, whofe bones are found in the northern parts of both the old and new world. From the form of their teeth, they are fuppofed to have been carniverous. Like the ele­phant they were armed with tufks of ivory ; but they obvi-oufly differed from the elephant in fize; their bones prove them to have been 5 or 6 times as large.
A late governor of Virginia, having afked fome dele­gates of the Delawares what they knew refpecting this ani­mal ; the chief fpeaker informed him that it was a tradition handed down from their fathers, u That in ancient times a herd of them came to the Big-bone licks, and began an univerfal deftruction of the bears, deer, elks, buffaloes, and
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