An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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330 Old-time Schools and School-books
afferted that age will render this wine preferable to moft of the European wines. Cotton is the natural production of this country, and it grows in great perfection.
Below are fragments of information about the Southern States, " The Third and much the largejt Grand Division of the United States."
The city of Washington stands at the junction of the rivers Patomak and the Eaftern Branch. The fituation of this metropolis is upon the great poft road, equi-diftant from the northern and fouthern extremities of the Union. The public offices were removed to this city in the fummer of 1800, and here in future Congrefs will hold their feff ions.
In the flat country near the fea-coaft of North Carolina, the inhabitants, during the fummer and autumn, are fubject to intermittent fevers, which often prove fatal. The coun­tenances of the inhabitants during thefe feafons, have gen­erally a pale yellowifh caft, occafioned by the prevalence of bilious fymptoms.
A few years fince, Tenneflee abounded with large herds of wild cattle, improperly called BufFaloes ; but the improvi­dent or ill-difpofed among the firft fettlers, have deftroyed multitudes of them, out of mere wantonnefs. They are ftill to be found on fome of the fouth branches of Cumber­land river. Elk or moofe are feen in many places, chiefly among the mountains. The deer are become comparatively fcarce; (o that no perfon makes a bufinefs of hunting them for their fkins only. Enough of bears and wolves yet remain.
In Maryland, Virginia, and North-Carolina the inhabit­ants are exceffively fond of the diverfion of horfe racing. Every fpring and fall they have ftated races for three or four days, which collect the fporting gentlemen from every part of the country from 100 to 200 miles. Every poor peaf-
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