An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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332 Old-time Schools and School-books
they cultivate flowers and every fort of garden herbs upon them. In the largeft gardens there is commonly a little tree and a little hut, to fhelter the cultivator, and defend him from the rain or the fun. When the owner of a gar­den wifhes to change his fituation, to get out of a bad neighborhood, or to come near to his family, he gets into his little boat, and by his own ftrength alone, if the garden is fmall, or with the affiftance of others if it be large, con­ducts it wherever he pleafes.
Among the islands off the coast of South America that are described is " Juan Fernandes 300 miles weft of Chili," famous for its connection with Defoe's Robinson Crusoe. The book tells how Alexander Selkirk dwelt there and how he was finally rescued, concluding with: —
During his abode on this ifland he had killed 500 goats, which he caught by running them down; and he marked as many more on the ear, which he let go. Some of thefe were caught 30 years after, their venerable afpect and ma-jeftic beards difcovering ftrong fymptoms of antiquity.
Selkirk upon his return to England, was advifed to pub-lifh an account of his life and adventures. He is faid to have put his papers into the hands of Daniel Defoe, to prepare them for publication. But that writer, by the help of thofe papers, and a lively fancy tranfformed Alexander Selkirk into Robinfon Crufoe, and returned Selkirk his papers again; fo that the latter derived no advantage from them.
Part I of the geography closes with " New Dif-coveries," which it declares " have been numerous and important." Here is one ; —-
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