An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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The First American Geography 333
The Northern Archipelago,.] This confists of feveral groups of iflands fituated between the eaftern coaft of Kamtfchatka and the weftern coaft of America.
The moft perfect equality reigns among thefe iflanders. They feed their children when very young, with the coarf-eft flefh, and for the moft part raw. If an infant cries, the mother immediately carries it to the fea fide, and, whether it be fummer or winter, holds it naked in the water until it is quiet. This cuftom is fo far from doing the chil­dren any harm that it hardens them againft the cold, and they go barefooted through the winter without the leaft in­convenience. The leaft affliction prompts them to fuicide ; the apprehenfion of even an uncertain evil, often leads them to defpair; and they put an end to their days with great apparent infenfibility.
A little farther on we find this about the people of the Friendly Islands : —
Their great men are fond of a fingular kind of luxury, which is, to have women fit befide them all night, and beat on different parts of their body until they go to fleep; after which, they relax a little of their labour, unlefs they appear likely to wake; in which cafe they redouble their exertions, until they are again faft afleep.
Part II is devoted to the eastern hemisphere. I quote two paragraphs about Lapland: —
The employment of the women confifts in making nets for the fifhery, in drying fifh and meat, in milking the rein­deer, in making cheefe, and in tanning hides; but it is underftood to be the bufinefs of the men to look after the kitchen, in which, it is faid, the women never interfere.
When a Laplander intends to marry a female, he, or his
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