An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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name " on the fea-shore in the fouthern part of Africa, is built with wood, covered with plafter and ftands about 5,200 miles fouth-eafterly from Lon­don." Other curious bits from the geography follow: —
Q. What are the Ruffian funeral ceremonies ?
A. They are fingular: The prieft prays, and fprinkles the corpfe for eight or ten days ; it is then buried with a paffport to heaven, figned by the bifhop and another clergy­man, which is put between the fingers of the deceafed, and then the people return to the houfe whence they went, and drown their forrow in intoxication. This they commonly do for about forty days, during which time the prieft fays prayers over the grave.
Q. Are there any lakes in Scotland ?
A. There are many; but two are very remarkable: One near Lochnefs is on the top of a hill almoft two miles high. This lake is fmall, but it has never been founded, nor does it ever freeze. About feventeen miles diftant is another lake which is frozen all the year.
Q. What are the perfons and characters of the Scots ?
A. They are generally lean, raw-boned, and have high cheek-bones, which is a characteriftical feature.
Q. What are the diverfions of the Scots ?
A. They are all of the vigorous, athletic kind ; such as dancing, gojf and curling. The gofF is a fpecies of ball-playing performed with a bat and a ball, the extremity of the bat being loaded with lead, and the party which ftrikes the ball with feweft ftrokes into a hole prepared for the purpofe wins the game.
Q. What are the cuftoms and diverfions of the Irifh ?
A. There are a few cuftoms exifting in Ireland peculiar to this country. Thefe are their funeral howlings and pre-fenting their corpfes in the ftreets to excite the charity of
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