An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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340 Old-time Schools and School-books
ftrangers, their convivial meetings on Sunday, and dancing to bag-pipes, which are ufually attended with quarreling.
Q. What curiofities are there in France ?
A. A fountain near Grenoble emits a flame which will burn paper, ftraw, etc., but will not burn gun-powder. Within about eight leagues of the fame place is an inac-ceffible mountain in the form of a pyramid reverfed.
Q. What are the animal productions of Poland ?
A. Buffaloes, horfes, wolves, boars, gluttons, lynxes and deer. Befides these there is elk, which is faid to be de-ftroyed in the winter by flies who get into his ears and live upon his brain.
Q. What curiofities are there in Portugal ?
A. There are lakes into which a stone being caft caufes a rumbling like the noife of an earthquake.
Q. What do you obferve of the inhabitants of Guinea ?
A. They are chiefly pagans and idolaters. In Eyo, where the people are governed by a king who is not abso­lute, when they are tired of him, a deputation waits on him and informs him that it is fatiguing for him to bear the burden of government any longer, advifing him to take a little reft. He thanks them and retires to his apartment as if to fleep, and directs his women to ftrangle him ; and after he expires they deftroy all things which belonged to him or to themfelves, and then kill one another. His fon fucceeds to the government, and on the fame terms.
Q. Give a concife defcription of the Giages and Annians.
A. The first inhabit a part of the Congo coaft; the latter live in the Macaco. The people are cannibals. They kill and eat their firft-born children ; and their friends who die are eaten by their relations. The king of Macaco refides in Monfol, where there is a market in which human flefh is fold, although other meat exifts in plenty. They efteem it a luxury, and it is faid an hundred prifoners or flaves are daily killed for the king's table.
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