An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Later Geographies                       347
When we come to Europe, we are made to realize the intense cold of the Lapland winters by the state­ment that, " In attempting to drink the lips are fre­quently frozen to the cup." It is affirmed, too, that if there is a crust on the snow, " The Laplander travels with his reindeer in a sledge two or three hundred miles a day." Another queer bit is this about the roads in Flanders, an old-time province, which included all the coast region of Belgium and extended into France and Holland. " They are generally a broad causeway, and run several miles in a straight line till they terminate in a view of some magnificent building." These views no doubt gave pleasure, but I think I should have preferred to have the roads continue.
Presently we find the following paragraph : —
In the ocean there are many dangerous whirlpools. That called the Maehtroom, upon the coast of Norway, is consid­ered as the most dreadful and voracious in the world. A minute description of the internal parts is not to be expected, since none, who were there, ever returned to bring back information. The body of the waters, that form this whirlpool, is extended in a circle about thirteen miles in circumference. In the midst of this stands a rock against which the tide in its ebb is dashed with inconceiv­able fury. At this time it instantly swallows up every­thing that comes within the sphere of its violence. No skill in the mariner, nor strength of rowing, can work an escape; the vessel's motion, though slow in the beginning, becomes every moment more rapid, it goes around in circles still narrower and narrower, till at last it is dashed against the rocks and instantly disappears. Nor is it seen again
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