An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Alps, and is the highest spot in Europe. St. Gothard is the highest mountain.
Navigation on the Mississippi is attended with many diffi­culties and dangers, from the sudden crooks and bends in the river, the falling in of its banks, and more especially from the sawyers, so called, which are trees whose roots have by some means become fastened to the bottom of the
Country Store, exhibiting the Productions of Various Countries. Frontispiece. From Willard's Geography for Beginners, 1826. Reduced one-third.
river, in such a manner, that, from the continual pressure of the current, they receive a regular vibratory motion from the resemblance of which to a saw-mill, they have derived their name. Their motion is sometimes very quick, and if they strike a boat, it is immediately upset or dashed to pieces. Vessels are from five to thirty days on their passage up to New Orleans, 87 miles ; although with a favorable wind, they will sometimes descend in 12 hours.
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