An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Later Geographies
the book its title. Selections that show something of the character of the book and of the times follow:
Occasional bands of white hunters and trappers range the Missouri Territory for furs. Some of them extend their expeditions to the foot of the Rocky mountains, and some to the shores of the Pacific. The herds of buffaloes that are seen in this territory sometimes amount to 10,000 each. When the herd is moving, the ground trembles, and the grumbling and                    Norwegian.
bellowing of the multitude is From Peter Parley's Geography.
heard for miles.
It is probable that, ere long, roads will be cut across
White Bear.
From Olney's A Practical System of Modern Geography. 1831.
the Rocky mountains; that lines of stages will convey travellers from the shores of the Atlantic to the Pacific j
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