An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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368 Old-time Schools and School-books THE ROBBER AND LITTLE ANN.
Some few years back, a poor man, living on one of the moors in the North of England, whilst busily employed in cutting turf, was cruelly beaten by an impious man, because he would not give him his watch and the little money he had in his pocket.
The Assault. From The Little Grammarian, 1829.
His little girl (about three years old) had been to visit him, and was asleep on a bed of heath at the time her father was attacked ; but his cries awoke her just in time to catch a sight of the barbarous thief, as he turned away from the mangled and almost lifeless body of her parent. Poor little Ann cried most bitterly as she assisted her poor father in his efforts to reach home, which, after more than an hour's toil, he accomplished.
A year or two later little Ann saw the assailant at an inn and ran into her father's hut in great affright, and called
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