An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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Grammars, Histories, and Minor Text-books 369
out, as she swooned away, " I have seen the man " ; more she could not say for tears and faintness. Her mother said to her husband, u Did you not hear her say the man ? If
A Coach WITH four horses going FROM Boston TO Providence, WITH passengers ON the outside.
Prepositions. From The Little Grammarian, 1829.
she had said a man, I should have thought some silly fellow had been playing tricks with the child. Surely, John, she has not seen the man who lamed and robbed you ? "
A beautiful A more beautiful The most beautiful BIRD.                  BIRD.                          BIRD.
The Comparison of Adjectives. From The Little Grammarian.
John hastened to the inn, and arrived in time to secure the man who had assaulted him. The man was taken to prison; and in a few months was sent from England for life, to repent himself in toil in a distant land for the crimes
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