An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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372 Old-time Schools and School-books
This was 1821. The book was a small volume in full leather without maps or illustrations.
The next year the Rev. C. A. Goodrich published his history, which for a long time surpassed all rivals
Capt. John Smith defending himself from the In­dians.
From Goodrich's v4 History of the United States, 1832.
in popularity. Within a dozen years one hundred and fifty thousand copies had been sold. It ap­peared in various editions, some entirely lacking pictures and none with more than a few insignificant cuts until 1832. Then it was produced in a thick 22mo with forty-eight engravings and a map. Good paper was used and the pictures were excellent for the time, and very well printed.
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