An Illustrated history & description Of Schools in the 18th & 19th Centurys.

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374 Old-time Schools and School-books
religious — which the author hopes will " serve, in a degree, to restrain some of the common vices of our country."
Other early school histories of the United States which attained more or less circulation were Hale's, Taylor's, Olney's, and Peter Parley's, the last run­ning up into hundreds of editions. The study of history was not confined wholly to the story of our own nation. Several universal histories were pub­lished. Butler's, the earliest to be brought out, included, according to the title-page, " History, Sa­cred and Profane, from the Creation of the World, to the year 1818, of the Christian Era." It was very Biblical, the author's " first object through the whole work being to show the influence and impor-
Punishment of a man from Billericafwho purchased a gun fromja^BrilishsoldierJn Boston, March, 1775.
From Taylor's A Universal History of the United States, 1830.
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