Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens - complete online book

Tales of the boy who refused to grow up, by J. M. Barrie.

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result of that regrettable match I shall pass on hurriedly to the Round Pond, which is the wheel that keeps all the Gardens going.
It is round because it is in the very middle of the Gardens, and when you are come to it you never want to go any farther. You can't be good all the time at the Round Pond, however much you try. You can be good in the Broad Walk all the time, but not at the Round Pond, and the reason is that you forget, and, when you remember, you are so wet that you may as well be wetter. There are men who sail boats on the Round Pond, such big boats that they bring them in barrows, and sometimes in perambulators, and then the baby has to walk. The bow-legged children in the Gar­dens are those who had to walk too soon because their father needed the perambu­lator.
You always want to have a yacht to sail
on the Round Pond, and in the end your
uncle gives you one; and to carry it to the
pond the first day is splendid, also to talk
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