Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens - complete online book

Tales of the boy who refused to grow up, by J. M. Barrie.

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The way it was done was this. The Queen ordered him to kneel, and then said that for playing so beautifully she would give him the wish of his heart. Then they all gathered round Peter to hear what was the wish of his heart, but for a long time he hesitated, not being certain what it was himself.
4 If I chose to go back to mother,' he asked at last, ' could you give me that wish ?'
Now this question vexed them, for were he to return to his mother they should lose his music, so the Queen tilted her nose contemptuously and said, ' Pooh ! ask for a much bigger wish than that.'
* Is that quite a little wish 1 ' he inquired.
'As little as this,' the Queen answered, putting her hands near each other.
' What size is a big wish ? ' he asked.
She measured it off on her skirt and it was a very handsome length.
Then Peter reflected and said, ' Well, then, I think I shall have two little wishes instead of one big one.'
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