Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens - complete online book

Tales of the boy who refused to grow up, by J. M. Barrie.

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body perceived that this was the thing to do; in a moment a hundred fairy sawyers were among the branches, architects were running round Maiinie, measuring her; a bricklayer's yard sprang up at her feet, seventy-five masons rushed up with the foundation-stone, and the Queen laid it, overseers were appointed to keep the boys off, scaffoldings were run up, the whole place rang with hammers and chisels and turning-laths, and by this time the roof was on and the glaziers were putting in the windows.
The house was exactly the size of Maimie, and perfectly lovely. One of her arms was extended, and this had bothered them for a second, but they built a verandah round it leading to the front door. The windows were the size of a coloured picture-book and the door rather smaller, but it would be easy for her to get out by taking off the roof. The fairies, as is their custom, clapped their hands with delight over their clever­ness, and they were so madly in love with
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