Peter Pan In Kensington Gardens - complete online book

Tales of the boy who refused to grow up, by J. M. Barrie.

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were sowing seed, and turned round three times.
Next Tony saidó
c If P. doth find it waiting here. Wilt ne'er again make me to fear f
And Maimie answeredó
4 By dark or light I fondly swear Never to see goats anywhere.''
She also left a letter to Peter in a likely place, explaining what she had done, and begging him to ask the fairies to turn the goat into one convenient for riding on. Well, it all happened just as she hoped, for Peter found the letter, and of course nothing could be easier for the fairies than to turn the goat into a real one, and so that is how Peter got the goat on which he now rides round the Gardens every night playing sublimely on his pipe. And Maimie kept her promise, and never fright≠ened Tony with a goat again, though I have heard that she created another animal. 122
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