A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                           7
a good deal further back than that; but you know very little about your great grandmothers on either side. Now, to the point. Your little sister was reading a fairy-tale to you last night."
" She was."
" When she had finished, she said, as she closed the book, 'Is there a fairy-country, brotherV You replied with a sigh, ' I suppose there is, if one could find the way into it."'
" I did; but I meant something quite different from wrhat you seem to think."
" Never mind what I seem to think. You shall find the way into Fairy Land to-morrow. Now look in my eyes."
Eagerly I did so. They filled me with an un­known longing. I remembered somehow that my mother died when I was a baby. I looked deeper and deeper, till they spread around me like seas, and I sank in their waters. I forgot all the rest, till I found myself at the window, whose gloomy curtains were withdrawn, and where I stood gazing on a whole heaven of stars, small and sparkling in the moonlight. Below lay a sea, still as death and hoary in the moon, sweeping into bays and around capes and islands, away, away, I knew
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