A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                             9
" Wo ist der Strom?"riefer mit Thranen. " Siehst dunicht seine blauen Wellen iiber uns ?" Er sah hinauf, und der blaue Strom floss leise iiber ihrem Haupte.—Novalis. Heinrich von Ofter-dingen.
" Where is the stream? " cried he, with tears. " Seest thou not its blue waves above us ? " He looked up, and lo ! the blue stream was flowing gently over their heads.
While these strange events were passing through my mind, I suddenly, as one awakes to the conscious­ness that the sea has been moaning by him for hours, or that the storm has been howling about his window all night, became aware of the sound of running water near me; and looking out of bed, I saw that a large green marble basin, in which I was wont to wash, and which stood on a low pedestal of the same material in a corner of my room, was overflowing like a spring; and that a stream of clear water was running over the carpet, all the length of the room, finding its outlet I knew not where. And, stranger still, where this carpet, which I had myself designed to imitate a field of grass and daisies, bordered the
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