A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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16                               PHANTASTES:
" Did you see my daughter ? "
" I believe I did," said I. " Can you give me something to eat, for I am very hungry."
" With pleasure," she replied, in the same tone ; " but do not say anything more, till you come into the house, for the Ash is watching us."
Having said this, she rose and led the way into the cottage; which, I now saw, was built of the stems of small trees set closely together, and was furnished with rough chairs and tables, from wrhich even the bark had not been removed. As soon as she had shut the door and set a chair:
" You have fairy blood in you," said she, looking hard at me.
" How do you know that ? "
" You could not have got so far into this wood if it were not so; and I am trying to find out some trace of it in your countenance. I think I see it."
" What do you see ? "
" Oh, never mind : I may be mistaken in that."
" But how then do you come to live here ? v
" Because I too have fairy-blood in me."
Here I, in my turn, looked hard at her; and thought I could perceive, notwithstanding the coarseness of
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