A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                          65
Aoh, hiite sich doch ein Mensch, wenn seine erfiillten Wiinsche auf ihn herad regnen, und er so iiber alle Maasse frohlich ist! Fouque, Der Zauberring.
Ah, let a man beware, when his wishes, fulfilled, rain down upon him, and his happiness is unbounded.
Thy red lips, like worms, Travel over my cheek.
Motherwell (?)
But as I crossed the space between the foot of the hill and the forest, a vision of another kind delayed my steps. Through an opening to the westward flowed, like a stream, the rays of the setting sun, and overflowed with a ruddy splendour the open place where I was. And riding as it were down this stream towards me, came a horse­man in what appeared red armour. From frontlet to tail, the horse likewise shone red in the sun-set. I felt as if I must have seen the knight before; but as he drew near, I could recall no feature of his countenance. Ere he came up to me, how­ever, I remembered the legend of Sir Percival
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