A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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84                             PHANTASTES:
" Very improving book, sir," remarked the old farmer, with a good-humoured laugh. " We are in the very hottest corner of Fairy Land here. Ha! ha ! Stormy night, last night, sir."
" Was it, indeed ?" I rejoined. " It was not so with me. A lovelier night I never saw."
" Indeed! Where were you last night ? "
" I spent it in the forest I had lost my way."
" Ah! then, perhaps, you will be able to convince my good woman, that there is nothing very remark­able about the forest; for, to tell the truth, it bears but a bad name in these parts. I dare say you saw nothing worse than yourself there ? "
" I hope I did," was my inward reply; but, for an audible one, I eontented myself with saying, " Why, I certainly did see some appearances I could hardly account for; but that is nothing to be wondered at in an unknown wild forest, and with the uncertain light of the moon alone to go by."
" Very true! you speak like a sensible man, sir. We have but few sensible folks round about us. Now, you would hardly credit it, but my wife believes every fairy-tale that ever was written. I cannot account for it She is a most sensible woman in everything else."
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