A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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90                             PHANTASTES:
" Because I have heard, that, for those who enter Fairy Land, there is no way of going back. They must go on, and go through it How, I do not in the least know."
"That is quite the impression on my own mind. Something compels me to go on, as if my only path was onward; but I feel less inclined this morning to continue my adventures.''
" Will you come and see my little child's room ? She sleeps in the one I told you of, looking towards the forest"
" Willingly," I said.
So we went together, the little girl running before to open the door for us. It was a large room, full of old-fashioned furniture, that seemed to have once belonged to some great house. The window was built with a low arch, and filled with lozenge-shaped panes. The wall was very thick, and built of solid stone. I could see that part of the house had been erected against the remains of some old castle or abbey, or other great building; the fallen stones of which had probably served to complete it But as soon as I looked out of the window, a gush of wonderment and longing flowed over my soul like the tide of a great sea. Fairy Land lay before me,
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