A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                        97
" I told you," said the woman, " you had better not look into that closet,"
" What is it?" I said, with a growing sense of horror.
" It is only your shadow that has found you," she replied. " Everybody's shadow is ranging up and down looking for him. I believe you call it by a different name in your world: yours has found you, as every person's is almost certain to do who looks into that closet, especially after meeting one in the forest, whom I dare say you have met."
Here, for the first time, she lifted her head, and looked full at me: her mouth was full of long, white, sliining teeth; and I knew that I was in the house of the ogre. I could not speak, but turned and left the house, with the shadow at my heels. " A nice sort of valet to have," I said to myself bitterly, as I stepped into the sunshine, and, looking over my shoulder, saw that it lay yet blacker in the full blaze of the sunlight. Indeed, only when I stood between it and the sun, was the blackness at all diminished. I was so bewildered stunned both by the event itself and its suddenness, that I could not at all realize to myself what it would be to
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