A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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120                           PHANTASTES:
some door or passage that might lead me to a more hospitable chamber. As I walked, I was deliciously haunted with the feeling that behind some one of the seemingly innumerable pillars, one who loved me was waiting for me. Then I thought she was fol­lowing me from pillar to pillar as I went along; but no arms came out of the faint moonlight, and no sigh assured me of her presence.
At length I came to an open corridor, into which I.turned; notwithstanding that, in doing so, I.left the light behind.. Along this I walked with out­stretched hands, groping my way; till, arriving at another corridor, which seemed to strike off at right "angles to that in which I was, I saw at the end a faintly glimmering light, too'pale even for moonshine, resembling rather a stray phosphorescence. However, where everything was white, a little* light went a great way. So I walked on to the end, and a long corridor it was. When I. came up to the light, I found that it proceeded from what looked like silver letters upon a door of ebony; and, to my surprise ev.en in the home of wonder itself, the letters formed, the words, The' Chamber of Sir Anodos. 'Although I had as yet no right to the honours of a knight, I ventured to conclude that the chamber was indeed
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