A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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152                           PHANTASTES;
far beyond the reach of poor Cosmo, who proceeded to replace the mirror where it had stood before.
" You think the price too high ?" said the old man.
" I do not know that it is too much for you to ask," replied Cosmo; " but it is far too much for me to give."
The old man held up his light towards Cosmo's face. " I like your look," said he.
Cosmo could not return the compliment In fact, now he looked closely at him for the first time, he felt a kind of repugnance to him, mingled with a strange feeling of doubt whether a man or a woman stood before him.
" What is your name ?" he continued.
" Cosmo von Wehrstahl."
" Ah, ah ! I thought as much. I see your father in you. I knew your father very well, young sir. I dare say in some odd corners of my house, you might find some old things with his crest and cipher upon them still. Well, I like you: you shall have the mirror at the fourth part of what I asked for it; but upon one condition."
"What is that?" said Cosmo; for, although the price was still a great deal for him to give, he could just manage it; and the desire to possess the mirror
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