A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                     153
had increased to an altogether unaccountable degree, since it had seemed beyond his reach.
" That if you should ever want to get rid of it again, you will let me have the first offer."
" Certainly/5 replied Cosmo, with a smile; adding, " a moderate condition indeed."
" On your honour ?" insisted the seller.
" On my honour," said the buyer; and the bargain was concluded.
" I will carry it home for you," said the old man, as Cosmo took it in his hands.
" No, no; I will carry it myself," said he ; for he had a peculiar dislike to revealing his residence to any one, and more especially to this person, to whom he felt every moment a greater antipathy.
" Just as you please," said the old creature, and muttered to himself as he held his light at the door to show him out of the court: " Sold for the sixth time! I wonder what will be the upshot of it this time. I should think my lady had enough of it by how!"
Cosmo carried his prize carefully home. But all the way he had an uncomfortable feelmg that he was watched and dogged. Repeatedly he looked about, but saw nothing to justify his suspicions. Indeed,
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