A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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182                             PHANTASTES:
" Are you free, lady ? The mirror is broken: are you free ? "
The words were spoken close beside her, as she hurried on. She turned; and there, leaning on the parapet in a recess of the bridge, stood Cosmo, in a splendid dress, but with a white and quivering face.
a Cosmo!—I am free—and thy servant for ever. I was coming to you now."
" And I to you, for Death made me bold; but I could get no further. Have I atoned at all ? Do I love you a little—truly ? "
" Ah, I know now that you love me, my Cosmo ; but what do you say about death ? "
He did not reply. His hand was pressed against his side. She looked more closely: the blood was welling from between the fingers. She flung her arms around him with a faint bitter wail.
When Lisa came up, she found her mistress kneeling above a wan dead face, which smiled on in the spectral moonbeams.
And now I will say no more about these wondrous volumes; though I could tell many a tale out of them, and could, perhaps, vaguely represent some
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