A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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196                               PHANTASTES:
Alexander. When will you finish Campaspe ? Apelles. Never finish : for always in absolute beauty there is somewhat above art
LYlY's Campaspe.
And now, what song should I sing to unveil my Isis, if indeed she was present unseen ? I hurried away to the white hall of Phantasy, heedless of the innumerable forms of beauty that crowded my way: these might cross my eyes, but the unseen filled my brain. I wandered long, up and down the silent space: no songs came. My soul was not still enough for songs. Only in the silence and dark­ness of the soul's night, do those stars of the inward firmament sink to its lower surface from the singing realms beyond, and shine upon the conscious spirit. Here all effort was unavailing. If they came not, they could not be found.
Next night, it was just the same. I walked through the red glimmer of the silent hall; but
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