A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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216                                PHANTASTES:
Im Sausen des Windes, im Brausen des Meers, Und im Seufzen der eigenen Brust.
In the wind's uproar, the sea's raging grim, And the sighs that are born in him.
Ja, est wird zwar ein anderes Zeitalter kommen, wo es Licht wird, und wo der Mensch aus erhabnen Traumen erwacht, und die TraiimeŚwieder findet, weil er nichts verlor als den Schlaf."
Jean Paul.ŚHesperus.
From dreams of bliss shall men awake
One day, but not to weep: The dreams remain; they only break
The mirror of the sleep.
How I got through this dreary part of my travels, I do not know. I do not think I was upheld by the hope that any moment the light might break in upon me ; for I scarcely thought about that. I went on with a dull endurance, varied by moments of uncontrollable sadness; for more and more the conviction grew upon me that I should never see the white lady again. It may seem strange that one with whom
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