A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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224                               PHANTASTES:
In stiller Euhe, in wechselloser Einfalt fiihr ich ununterbrochen das Bewusstseyn der ganzen Menschheit in mir.
In still rest, in changeless simplicity, I bear, uninterrupted, the consciousness of the whole of Humanity within me.
----- such a sweetness, such a grace
In all thy speech appear, That what to th' eye a beauteous face,
That thy tongue is to the ear.
The water was deep to the very edge; and I sprang from the little boat upon a soft grassy turf. The island seemed rich with a profusion of all grasses and low flowers. All delicate lowly things were most plentiful; but no trees rose skywards; not even a bush overtopped the tall grasses, except in one place near the cottage I am about to describe, where a few plants of the gum-cistus, which drops every night all the blossoms that the day brings forth, formed a kind of natural arbour. The whole island
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