A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                      235
of waking. She smiled when she saw that my eyes were open. I asked her whether it was day yet. She answered, " It is always day here, so long as I keep my fire burning."
I felt wonderfully refreshed; and a great desire to see more of the island awoke within me. I rose, and saying that I wished to look about me, went towards the door by which I had entered.
" Stay a moment," said my hostess, with some trepidation in her voice. " Listen to me. You will not see what you expect when you go out of that door. Only remember this: whenever you wish to come back to me, enter wherever you see this mark."
She held up her left hand between me and the fire. Upon the palm, which appeared almost transparent, I saw, in dark red, a mark like this - , which I took care to fix in my mind.
She then kissed me, and bade me good-bye with a solemnity that awed me; and bewildered me too, seeing I was only going out for a little ramble in an island, which I did not believe larger than could easily be compassed in a few hours' walk at most. As I went she resumed her spinning.
I opened the door, and stepped out. The moment my foot touched the smooth sward, I seemed to issue from
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