A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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250                             PHANTASTES:
appear, believe me that the old woman in the cottage, with the young eyes," (and she smiled), " knows something, though she must not always tell it, that would quite satisfy you about it, even in the worst moments of your distress. Now you must go."
" But how can I go, if the waters are all about, and if the doors all lead into other regions and other worlds ? "
" This is not an island," she replied; " but is joined to the land by a narrow neck; and for the door, I will lead you myself through the right one."
She took my hand, and led me through the third door; whereupon I found myself standing in the deep grassy turf on which I had landed from the little boat, biit upon the opposite side of the cottage. She pointed out the direction I must take, to find the isthmus and escape the rising waters.
Then putting her arms around me, she held me to her bosom; and as I kissed her, I felt as if I were leaving my mother for the first time, and could not help weeping bitterly. At length she gently pushed me away, and with the words, " Go, my son, and do something worth doing," turned back, and, entering the cottage, closed the door behind her.
I felt very desolate as I went.
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