A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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260                          PHANTASTES:
And you may have need of the cure, before you go forth to fight the giants. You must wait for him, in your tower, till he comes.'
" Now, if you will join us, we will soon teach you to make your armour; and we will fight together, and work together, and love each other as never three loved before. And you will sing to us, willyou not?"
"That I will, when I can," I answered; "but it is only at times that the power of song comes upon me. For that I must wait; but I have a feeling that if I work well, song will not be far off to enliven the labour."
This was all the compact made: the brothers required nothing more, and I did not think of giving anything more. I rose, and threw off my upper garments.
" I know the uses of the sword," I said. " I am ashamed of my white hands beside yours so nobly soiled and hard; but that shame will soon be wiped away."
"No, no; we will not work to-day. Rest is as needful as toil. Bring the wine, brother ; it is your turn to serve to-day."
The younger brother soon covered a table with rough viands, but good wine; and we ate and drank
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