A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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274                           PHANTASTES:
the giants, and so many of their lost friends had been restored to the nobility and men of wealth, that the gladness surpassed the grief. " Ye have indeed left your lives to your people, my great brothers! " I said.
But I was ever and ever haunted by the old shadow, which I had not seen all the time that I was at work in the tower. Even in the society of the ladies of the court, who seemed to think it only their duty to make my stay there as pleasant to me as possible, I could not help being conscious of its presence, although it might not be annoying me at the time. At length, somewhat weary of unin­terrupted pleasure, and nowise strengthened there­by, either in body or mind, I put on a splendid suit of armour of steel inlaid with silver, which the old King had given me, and, mounting the horse on which it had been brought to me, took my leave of the palace, to visit the distant city in which the lady dwelt, whom the elder prince had loved. I anticipated a sore task, in conveying to her the news of his glorious fate; but this trial was spared me, in a manner as strange as anything that had happened to me in Fairy Land.
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