A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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284                               PHANTASTES:
To thy fainting heart, return amain, And away to work thou gocst again. From the narrow desert, 0 man of pride, Come into the house, so high and wide.
Hardly knowing what I did, I opened the door. Why had I not done so before ? I do not know.
At first I could see no one; but when I had forced myself past the tree which grew across the entrance, I saw, seated on the ground, and leaning against the tree, with her back to my prison, a beautiful woman. Her countenance seemed known to me, and yet unknown. She looked up at me and smiled, when I made my appearance.
"Ah! were you the prisoner there? I am very glad I have wiled you out."
" Do you know me then ? "
" Do you not know me ? But you hurt me, and that, I suppose, makes it easy for a man to forget. You broke my globe. Yet I thank you. Perhaps I owe you many thanks for breaking it. I took the pieces, all black, and wet with crying over them, to the Fairy Queen. There was no music and no light in them now. But she took them from me, and laid them aside; and made me go to sleep in a great hall of white, with black pillars, and many red curtains. When I woke in the morning, I went to her, hoping
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