A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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306                           PHANTASTES:
But I, though somewhat shaken by the feeling ex­pressed by my master, yet had an unaccountable con­viction that here was something bad. So I resolved to be keenly on the watch for what should follow. Suddenly a great star, like a sun, appeared high in the air over the temple, illuminating it throughout; and a great song arose from the men in white, which went rolling round and round the building, now re­ceding to the end, and now approaching, down the other side, the place where we stood. For some of the singers were regularly ceasing, and the next to them as regularly taking up the song; so that it crept onwards, with gradations produced by changes which could not themselves be detected, for only a few of those who were singing ceased at the same moment. The song paused; and I saw a company of six of the white-robed men walk up the centre of the human avenue, surrounding a youth gorgeously attired beneath his robe of white, and wearing a chaplet of .flowers on his head. I followed them closely, with my keenest observation; and, by accom­panying their slow progress with my eyes, I was able to perceive more clearly what took place when they arrived at the other end. I knew that my sight was so much more keen than that of most
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