A fantasy novel by George MacDonald

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A FAERIE ROMANCE.                     323
the sound reminded me of the voice of the ancient woman, in the cottage that was four-square. I opened my eyes, and, for a moment, almost believed that I saw her face, with its many wrinkles and its young eyes, looking at me from between two hoary branches of the beech overhead. But when I looked more keenly, I saw only twigs and leaves, and the infinite sky, in tiny spots, gazing through between. Yet I know that good is coming to me—that good is always coming; though few have at all times the simplicity and the courage to believe it What we call evil, is the only and best shape, which, for the person and his condition at the time, could be assumed by the best good. And so, Farewell
London : Printed by Smith, Hldeb & Co., Little Green Arbour Court, E. C.
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