A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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33                  THE PRINCESS AND CURDIE.
"Still," said Curdie, looking a little ashamed, "I might have dreamed my duty."
" Then dream often, my son ; for there must then be more truth in your dreams than in your waking thoughts. But however any of these things may be, this one point remains certain: there can be no harm in doing as she told you. And, indeed, until you are sure there is no such person, you are bound to do it, for you promised."
"It seems to me," said his father, "that if a lady comes to you in a dream, Curdie, and tells you not to talk about her when you wake, the least you can do is to hold your tongue."
"True, father!—Yes, mother, I'll do it," said Curdie.
Then they went to bed, and sleep, which is the night of the soul, next took them in its arms and made them well
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