A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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WHAT IS IN A NAME?                      57
" Peter," said the lady, turning then to him, " you will 'have to give up Curdie for a little while."
" So long as he loves us, ma'am, that will not matter— much."
"Ah ! you are right there, my friend," said the beauti­ful princess.
And as she said it she put out her hand, and took the hard, horny hand of the miner in it, and held it for a moment lovingly.
" I need say no more," she added, "for we understand each other—you and I, Peter."
The tears came into Peter's eyes. He bowed his head in thankfulness, and his heart was much too full to speak.
Then the great old young beautiful princess turned to Curdie.
" Now, Curdie, are you ready ? " she said,
" Yes, ma'am," answered Curdie.
•"You do not know what for."
" You do, ma'am. That is enough."
"You could not have given me a better answer, or done more to prepare yourself, Curdie," she returned, with one of her radiant smiles. " Do you think you will know me again ? "
" I think so. But how can I tell what you may look like next ?
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