A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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THE PREACHER.                           215
It was assumed in the city that the domestics had been discharged upon a sudden discovery of general and un­pardonable peculation; for, almost everybody being guilty of it himself, petty dishonesty was the crime most easily credited and least easily passed over in Gwynty-storm.
Now that same day was Religion day, and not a few of the clergy, always glad to seize on any passing event to give interest to the dull and monotonic grind of their intellectual machines, made this remarkable one the ground of discourse to their congregations. More especially than the rest, the first priest of the great temple where was the royal pew, judged himself, from his rela­tion to the palace, called upon to " improve the occa­sion,"—for they talked ever about improvement at Gwyntystorm, all the time they were going downhill with a rush.
The book which had, of late years, come to be con­sidered the most sacred, was called The Book of Nations, and consisted of proverbs, and history traced through custom : from it the first priest chose his text; and his text was, Honesty is the best Policy. He was considered a very eloquent man, but I can offer only a few of the larger bones of his sermon. The main proof of the verity of their religion, he said, was, that things always went well with those who professed it; and its first fundamental
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