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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Princess and—                    25
"My name is Irene."
" That's my name!" cried the princess.
" I know that. I let you have mine. I haven't got your name. You've got mine."
"How can that ber asked the princess, be­wildered. " I've always had my name."
" Your papa, the king, asked me if I had any objection to your having it; and of course I hadn't. I let you have it with pleasure."
"It was very kind of you to give me your name—and such a pretty one," said the princess.
"Oh, not so very kind!" said the old lady. "A name is one of those things one can give away and keep all the same. I have a good many such things. Wouldn't you like to know who I am, child?"
"Yes, that I should—very much."
"I'm your great-great-grandmother," said the lady.
"What's that?" asked the princess.
" I'm your father's mother's father's mother."
"Oh dear! I can't understand that," said the princess.
"I dare say not. I didn't expect you would. But that's no reason why I shouldn't say it."
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