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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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The Princess and—                27
" I wonder why nursie never told me."
" Nursie doesn't know. She never saw me."
"But somebody knows that you are in the house?"
" No; nobody."
" How do you get your dinner then?"
" I keep poultry—of a sort."
"Where do you keep them?"
" I will show you."
"And who makes the chicken broth for you?"
" I never kill any of my chickens."
"Then I can't understand."
"What did you have for breakfast this morn­ing?" asked the lady.
"Oh! I had bread and milk, and an egg.—I dare say you eat their eggs."
" Yes, that's it. I eat their eggs."
" Is that what makes your hair so white?"
" No, my dear. It's old age. I am very old."
" I thought so. Are you fifty?"
"Yes—more than that."
"Are you a hundred?"
"Yes—more than that. I am too old for you to guess. Come and see my chickens."
Again she stopped her spinning. She rose,
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