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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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CHAPTER IV What the Nurse thought of it
HY, where can you have been, prin­cess?" asked the nurse, taking her in
her arms. ''It's very unkind of you
to hide away so long. I began to be afraid------"
Here she checked herself.
" What were you afraid of, nursie?" asked the princess.
"Never mind," she answered. " Perhaps I will tell you another day. Now tell me where you have been?"
" I've been up a long way to see my very great, huge, old grandmother," said the princess. " What do you mean by that?" asked the nurse, who thought she was making fun.
" I mean that I've been a long way up and up to see my great grandmother. Ah, nursie, you don't know what a beautiful mother of grand­mothers I've got upstairs. She is such an old
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