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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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32 The Princess and the Goblin
lady! with such lovely white hair!—as white as my silver cup. Now, when I think of it, I think her hair must be silver."
"What nonsense you are talking, princess!" said the nurse.
" I'm not talking- nonsense," returned Irene, rather offended. "I will tell you all about her. She's much taller than you, and much prettier."
"Oh, I dare say!" remarked the nurse
"And she lives upon pigeons' eggs."
" Most likely," said the nurse.
"And she sits in an empty room, spin-spinning all day long."
" Not a doubt of it," said the nurse.
"And she keeps her crown in her bedroom."
"Of course—quite the proper place to keep her crown in. She wears it in bed, I'll be bound."
"She didn't say that. And I don't think she does. That wouldn't be comfortable—would it? I don't think my papa wears his crown for a nightcap. Does he, nursie?"
" I never asked him. I dare say he does."
"And she's been there ever since I came here —ever so many years."
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