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A Children's Fantasy Book By George MacDonald - illustrated version.

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What the Nurse thought of it 33
" Anybody could have told you that," said the nurse, who did not believe a word Irene was saying.
" Why didn't you tell me then?"
" There was no necessity. You could make it all up for yourself."
"You don't believe me then!" exclaimed the princess, astonished and angry, as she well might be.
" Did you expect me to believe you, princess?" asked the nurse coldly. "I know princesses are in the habit of telling make-believes, but you are the first I ever heard of who expected to have them believed," she added, seeing that the child was strangely in earnest.
The princess burst into tears.
"Well, I must say," remarked the nurse, now thoroughly vexed with her for crying, "it is not at all becoming in a princess to tell stories and expect to be believed just because she is a prin­cess."
" But it's quite true, I tell you."
"You've dreamt it, then, child."
" No, 1 didn't dream it. I went upstairs, and I lost myself, and if I hadn't found the
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